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PiGame is financial game with a Piggy Bank algorithm. Only You decide how much to make a profit, we do not have freeze assets and time limits.
You get 6% of the Deposit amount every day. The Deposit is not frozen and is available for withdrawal at any time. The Deposit amount is from 5 USD to 500 USD. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1USD.
The commission for withdrawal of the deposit is valid only for the first 3 days and is 10%. After no commission.
No more than 24 hours.
No, it is forbidden and will be punished by blocking.
Yes, you get 6% of the invited partners and 4% of the partners 2 line.
Last payouts
marina_profit 106.0057e4d084-7587-41fb-b774-bfc7e9be97l7
vit0ll 200.00217550402
Teplov 10.00588698010
belkin 0.72588724713
Teplov 0.60588172403
filinn 145.00217491201
sugus 0.60217478888
evg129 0.30588120420
Danil222002 0.30588118254
IQmonitor 1.8096bd6575-3657-48f8-82b2-5edd35cbfb28